Nice Glass can provide high-quality flat glass that is backed with silver, and reinforced with two protective coats of special-baked enamel paint for added protection against steam, moisture, and chemicals.

Modern Design

A mirror gives an open, bright look to any room, which can be used to enhance all aspects of your home or business.


In bathrooms, we provide vinyl backed glass products protect against black dots and black edges caused by steam.

One-Way Mirror Glass

We can also provide one-way mirror glass, as well as bevelled and sandblasted edges to suit your individual needs.

Bathroom mirrors are not just mirrors anymore, they are a design feature.

Modern bathroom designers are requesting fully suspended mirrors, bevelled (curved) edges, stretched to the ceiling mirrors and mirrors covering entire walls. You can increase the perceived size of any room with well-placed mirrors.

Nice Glass provides in-house fabrication of mirrors, ensuring quality installation in the shortest possible timeframe. We specialise in custom mirror walls and vanity mirrors to suit any design.